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It is conjectured [H Problem 1. He had a major influence on the younger, but more well-known Jacques Derridawhose seminal Writing and Difference contains an essay, "Violence and Metaphysics", that was instrumental in expanding interest in Levinas in France and abroad. These bimodules give an action of a suitably based mapping class group on the category of modules over A F.

To prove that the second covering move preserves Z p -sliceness, we take the branched cover of the X over the slice disk for K; the resulting 4-manifold is a Z p -homology 4-ball by a well-known argument see, e.

Also, Cochran, Harvey, and Leidy [5] have used LP' signatures to find algebraically slice knots with non-slice iterated Bing doubles. The following are lecture notes from several talks I have given, as well as notes I compiled on a few other topics. The extension is available here.

Nevertheless, the divinity of the trace is also undeniable: This vector stands for precipitation, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, average windspeed. Preprints not yet accepted for publication "Khovanov homotopy type, Burnside category, and products" with Tyler Lawson and Sucharit Sarkar.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Bordered Heegaard Floer homology is a three-manifold invariant which associates to a surface F an algebra A F and to a three-manifold Y with boundary identified with F a module over A F.

In light of the September 11,terrorist attacks, his art has a new, bittersweet significance. The topics of these essays range widely.

A more detailed version appears in my Ph. Art and Text winter Comments and corrections are welcome; I was often quite inexperienced in these topics at the time the notes were written. It should be noted that the first line of the preface of this book is "everyone will readily agree that it is of the highest importance to know whether we are not duped by morality.

Levinas was assigned to a special barrack for Jewish prisoners, who were forbidden any form of religious worship. This is called list comprehensionsee also Section 3.

Then C is a covering link of Ki U K2. The requirement that we consider all-positive Whitehead doubles is necessary for our proof of Theorem 1 1. Martin Heidegger et l'ontologie The rest of the proof proceeds mutatis mutandis. Among the most prominent of these are critiques by Simon Critchley and Stella Sandford.

Then hack around for a while until you have some interesting data, and download it. In the present setting, the mirror manifold is the augmentation variety of the link. Paolo Ghiggini, Knot Floer homology detects genus-one fibred knots, Amer.

Last updated December 24, Whitehead and Bing doubling play a central role in the study of concordance. Even murder fails as an attempt to take hold of this otherness. The Whitehead doubles of a link L are obtained by doubling the individual components of L, with a choice of sign for each component.

We also show that the all- positive Whitehead double of any iterated Bing double of the Hopf link e. In the s, Ozsvath and Szabo f2M [25] introduced Heegaard Floer homology, a package of invariants for 3- and 4-dimensional manifolds that are conjecturally equivalent to earlier gauge- theoretic invariants but whose construction is much more topological in fiavor.

This version contains new installation options, thanks to Nathan Dunfield. You will need Sage to run it. The study of concordance — especially regarding the relationship between the notions of topological and smooth sliceness — is one of the major areas of active research in knot theory, and it is closely tied to the perplexing differences between topological and smooth 4-manifold theory.

Levinas explicitly frames several of his mature philosophical works as attempts to respond to Heidegger's philosophy in light of its ethical failings. We will avoid it just by throwing away the columns that have some missing data.

This study guide contains the following sections: Freedman, A new technique for the link slice problem. At Freiburg he also met Martin Heideggerwhose philosophy greatly impressed him.

His work is based on the ethics of the Other or, in Levinas's terms, on "ethics as first philosophy". Finally, in the case of a genus one surface, we calculate the mapping class group action explicitly.

Tour of bordered Floer theoryRobert Lipshitza, Peter S

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More directly related to the material in this thesis, I would like to thank Peter Ozsv´ath for several helpful conversations and suggesting fruitful. I am thankful to Robert Lipshitz for his supervision and insight.

I also thank Andrew Freimuth and Yael Degany; I worked closely with them during the summer and speci cally the gures in section 5 are Yael Degany’s.

2 The Minesweeper Determinant. Thesis Supervisor Accepted by. 7' Bjorn Poonen Chairman, Department Committee on Graduate Theses. Bordered Heegaard Floer Homology and Four-Manifolds Robert Lipshitz and Peter Ozsvith for sev-eral helpful conversations; and my friends both in Cambridge and Berkeley for their humor, company and kindness.

6. The fact that these are checkable by computer, is based on the factoring algorithm of Lipshitz-Ozsvath-Thurston for computing bordered Floer homology, and our extension of it.

Robert Lipshitz

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Robert lipshitz thesis
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