Knee ligament injury essay

By default knee dislocation results in a major injury to almost all ligaments, and damages the posterior capsule severely.

The opinions and methods of diagnosis and treatment change inevitably and rapidly as new information becomes available, and therefore the information in this website does not necessarily represent the most current thoughts or methods.

Although the initial injury may have not damaged the integrity of major femoral or popliteal arteries, intimal damage may cause the obstruction of the lumen several days later. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Health work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours.

Injury to either ligament causes pain and weakens the knee joint.

Ligament Injuries to the Knee

It is a broad flat ligament approximately 10cm long attaching to the femur and the tibia. Two commons types of meniscal tears include peripheral and bucket handle tears Figure Closed-chain exercises allow for strengthening of knee musculature without putting stress on the ligaments.

This artery supplies blood to the knee joint through numerous small branches. Ligaments form the tough capsule around the joints. But the ACL can be injured if you twist your knee too far or change direction too quickly.

Of 72 knee injuries involving multiple ligaments, 12 vascular injuries were identified. The extensors generally belong to the anterior compartment and the flexors to the posterior. If this happens, wearing a brace can help. The medial collateral ligament gets damaged when there is a force through the outer side of the knee, overstretching the ligament.

LCL tears do not heal quite as well as medial collateral ligament tears and some severe LCL tears may require surgery. In the case of minor sprains these fibers may be partially separated.

This is why it is important to monitor the distal circulation very closely and to record the presence or absence of distal pulses very frequently, and to request a repeat Doppler scan or arteriogram, before the patient is discharged.

It usually means a faster recovery and less scarring than with open surgery. Ligaments of the spine may be sprained or torn resulting in acute or chronic pain of the neck cervical spinemid back thoracic spineor low back lumbar spine. The ACL is critically important because it prevents the tibia from being pushed too far anterior relative to the femur.

The dial test is performed while the patient is in either the supine or prone position and both knees are in 90 and 30 degrees of flexion. A partial tear can also occur. The anterior cruciate ligament ACL is in the center of the knee. If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Health essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question?

The peripheral area is the portion of the meniscus that does have a blood supply.

An Overview of Knee Injuries

Knee ligament injury essay They get their name from where they attach to the tibia, i. These diverge slightly distally and posteriorly, with the lateral condyle being wider in front than at the back while the medial condyle is of more constant width.

The posterior cruciate ligament PCL stretches from medial condyle of femur to the posterior intercondylar area. Lateral collateral ligament LCL. It resists forces from the inner side of the knee known as varus forces. The lateral collateral ligament LCL connects the femur to the fibula and stabilizes the outer side.

It is injured more often than the lateral collateral ligament LCLwhich is on the outer side of the knee. The skin over the surgical site will be cleansed with an antiseptic solution. It is also occasionally called the patellar tendon because there is no definite separation between the quadriceps tendon which surrounds the patella and the area connecting the patella to the tibia.

The same result occurs with the disruption of the patellar tendon. The American Journal of Sports Medicine. A partially torn ACL usually does not require reconstruction. Most collateral ligament injuries do not require surgical treatment.

It is however important to recognise and treat acute medial complex laxity as early as possible. Bone eventually grows around the graft. When ligaments are damaged, the knee joint may become unstable.

This is common in contact sports such as football and soccer.The lateral collateral ligament is the primary varus stabilizer of the tibiofemoral joint. Diagnosing an injury to this ligament can be challenging in the setting of multiligamentous trauma; however, failure to recognize these injuries can result in instability of the knee and unsatisfactory outcomes after cruciate ligament literature exploring the anatomy and.

The knee is a large, hinge joint comprised of the lower end of the thigh bone (femur), upper end of the shin bone (tibia), and kneecap. Four strong ligaments stabilize the bones of the joint. A sprain or tear in one or more knee ligaments is a common sports injury. Multiple Knee Ligament Injury There are four main ligaments that stabilize the knee that contain or restrain motion between the thigh bone and leg bone: the anterior cruciate ligament, the posterior cruciate ligament, the medial collateral ligament, and the lateral collateral ligament.

The study certainly supports this concern as the most common injury is to the knee (about % of all injuries reported). The are basically 2 groups of injuries: sprains and ligament tears.

Mild sprains heal rapidly and may involve the medial collateral ligament (MCL). Home > Types of Pain > Arthritis Pain and Joint Pain > Ligament Pain.

Ligament Pain Relief. Also known as costochondritis, sprain, strain or twists in the shoulder, wrist, ankle and knee. such as twisting of the ankle, or knee, or hyper-extending the shoulder, resulting in varying degrees of tearing of the collagen fibers of the ligament.

Similar to cruciate ligament injuries, an injury to the collateral ligament causes the knee to pop and buckle, causing pain and swelling. The symptoms of a collateral ligament injury may resemble other conditions or medical problems.

Knee ligament injury essay
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