How can you focus or expand the search if initial search results are not satisfactory

The use of AND generally will retrieve a smaller set of results. Use Only When Appropriate Only after answering all of these questions can you be sure that your resource is appropriate for a research paper. When the Search service crawls a file share, if the permissions on a file on the share are different from the permissions on folders that contain the file, then the permissions on the file take precedence and are used for security trimming of search results.

Subject Searches Subject searches are different from keyword searches because they use something called a controlled vocabulary. You can use those properties in search refiners, for example, to help users filter their search results.

These subject headings are selected from a specific list of possible subject headings. For example, if you were interested in the subject obesity, but not interested in how fast-foods relate to obesity, you could exclude all items that have the term fast-foods by searching obesity NOT fast-foods.

They are there to help. Benefits of being a Content Curator: The following badges were achieved on previous Microsoft communities and are no longer active. The search box appears at the top of every MedlinePlus page.

Crawl everything under the host name of each start address. You can also limit to particular date ranges or particular journals. You can use this content source to specify how to crawl all SharePoint content in web applications that are associated with the Search service application.

Look for the field which is searchable, in addition to author, title and journal name you may be able to search for a company name, volume and issue numbers. A simple tweak that did it for us was change label to "Only Search In" instead of "Search In" As far as the decision of when the results are refreshed that entirely depends on the initial state of the page.

A search administrator stopped the previous crawl. The process of getting search results from an external provider and displaying the results locally is called federation.

Keyword queries and search conditions for Content Search

Within each concept, you will need to determine appropriate words or phrases, including synonyms, broader terms, related terms and narrower terms. For example in Academic Search Premier you may limit your search on hybrid automobiles to full text, peer reviewed and articles with images.

There are many other major issues. Linda Crawford, with preparing him to deal with his data. Start with a general search If you start with a complicated search, you will probably retrieve a very small number of articles.

Most books and articles are assigned many subject headings. To continuously crawl a SharePoint content source because of high freshness demands.Click Sign in at the top of any Microsoft Community page.

Library Resources

You are taken to the Sign in page. If you don't find what you need, you can remove the filters in the search results window to widen your search. You can also select a content type: Questions, Discussions, or Forum Articles.

To expand a menu in the tablet or mobile device. Most databases allow you to combine two or more keywords in a search using the Boolean operators AND,OR, NOT. Using Boolean operators will help you to narrow or broaden your search.

Search Tips

AND links terms together and tells that database that it should find records that have both terms. If you want to get up to speed on search tuning, the metrics you'll want to focus on are: Precision at K, where K is the number of results you'll be recommending.

discounted cumulative gain which is a measure of how well the results are ranked. You can add conditions to a search query to narrow a search and return a more refined set of results.

Each condition adds a clause to the KQL search query that is created and run when you start the search. TOP TEN DATABASE SEARCH TIPS. 4 April 1.

Plan crawling and federation in SharePoint Server

SEARCH TERMS: Identify Key Concepts. Most databases have limiting features that will let you focus the results of your search. expand your search by removing terms or searching for terms in keywords or full-text.

Consider adding synonyms or similar terms to your search if the ones you. How can you focus or expand the search if initial search results are not satisfactory?


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Describe ways you might refine your general search to .

How can you focus or expand the search if initial search results are not satisfactory
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