Department of petroleum resources environmental guidelines and standards for the petroleum industry

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Zagi noted that the conference serves to engender HSE awareness amongst stakeholders in the industry and still remains the biggest forum that brings HSE experts from both within and outside the country to share new ideas and experiences on HSE issues.

We recognize that the journey to excellence which we have now embarked upon has no final destination but requires that we constantly seek opportunities, stretch targets and redefine our strategies to ensure continuous improvement in our HSE performance.

Operating a facility with fueling activities or operations may require the transportation, storage, use, and disposal of petrochemicals and other harmful materials. How to respond to a spill As soon as a spill is discovered, the initial action should be to protect personal safety followed by preventing the pollutant from entering nearby drainage ditches or stormwater drop inlets.

Integrated Data Services Ltd. Download the manual here: Four treatment options were biostimulated with soil SNPK fertilizer For gold crew dispersant D while unamended Dc and heat-treated hDc options served as controls. The Department is also responsible for formulation of practical HSE policies and guidelines in line with industry best practice, facilitate timely and comprehensive compliance while maintaining effective service delivery for the protection of staff, assets and the environment.

Thus, any decision or order made by the Commission shall be properly recorded in writing and contain the basis for the decision or order which shall be accessible to the public.

Nigeria: Petroleum ministry to launch safety document

The chairman said the HSE conference would provide a platform for HSE professionals in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry and other interested participants local and foreign to meet and share experiences local and foreign relating to HSE issues arising from exploration, production, downstream and other related activities.

Risk Evaluation Manual for Petroleum Releases The software will be updated in the next few months to reflect the toxicity updates.

Petroleum storage

Consider removing or replacing of any existing petroleum underground storage tank system installed prior to December 22,used to contain an accumulation of regulated substances, particularly unregulated tanks, including farm, ranch, home, and commercial heating oil tanks.

However, it was not until that Professor Jubril Aminu, the Minister of Petroleum at the time, awarded eleven 11 concession blocks to Nigeria entrepreneurs on a discretionary basis.

Likewise, all other monies accruing from its activities such as fines and penalties shall be paid into the Consolidated Revenue Fund.


Exercising independent judgment, basically means that a director shall not subordinate its power to the will of others. Climate change is of increasing global concern and has become a key sustainable development issue globally in the Oil and Gas industry.

This provision would in no small measure ensure regulatory sanity in the industry and would be a welcome development for industry players who have to deal with various regulatory agencies in the course of their operations.

The Petro REM includes a manual reflecting revisions based on comments received during a public comment period held from June to August in Drill cutting Dc from oil well in Usan field was sampled for treatment using bioremediation technology.

Review projects for the potential to contaminate soil and ground water and consider implementing best management practices. Once the changes to the software are made, the updated software will be published on this webpage.

Poor governance, rent seeking culture and inadequate funding were also identified as the key contributing factors to implementation deficit. It would therefore no longer be possible for any agency to first withdraw money for its funding needs from its generated revenue prior to remitting same to government coffers as was the case with NNPC.

Tailings Storage Guidelines and Standards

Other obligations in the contracts include preventing environmental damage when constructing pipelines, and decommissioning or surrendering contract areas according to international petroleum industry standards of practice.

The Bill seeks to go a different route by creating instead, one strong regulatory body which would be responsible for both the technical and commercial aspects of industry regulation. Others are the establishment of the Ecological Fund, which later formed the basis for the conceptualisation and establishment of the Derivation Fund for the Oil Producing States, and the establishment and sustenance of the Health, Safety and Environment Management Systems by operators in the industry.The Environmental Guidelines and Standards for the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria (hereafter EGASPIN) were issued in by the Nigerian Department of Petroleum Resources (hereafter DPR) to ensure that oil and gas operators do not degrade the environment in the course of their Petroleum Industry in Nigeria (EGASPIN), note.

The following templates were developed by Petroleum Fund staff to encourage proper notification for a change in claimant and/or associated authorized representative for corrective action efforts at a facility receiving State Petroleum Fund reimbursement.

SCC Standards Store. Alerts & Content Tools. Popular Standards Bundles. "Security Guidelines for the Petroleum Industry", May, ; This flexible approach recognizes that there isn't a uniform approach to security in the petroleum industry, and that resources are best applied to mitigate high-risk situations primarily.

The Effect of Multiple Regulatory Regimes on the Nigerian Petroleum Industry AMID D. ADEKUNLE, (Manager Environment &, Regulatory Compliance,) Operational Excellent/Safety and Environmental. Environmental Guidelines and Standards for the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria (EGASPIN) As one of its statutory functions, the Department of Petroleum Resources is required to ensure that petroleum industry operators do not degrade the environment in the course of their operations.

Security Guidelines for the Petroleum Industry American Petroleum Institute April Petroleum Refineries Liquid Petroleum This document is intended to offer security guidance to the petroleum industry and the petroleum supplies through a variety of standards and procedures.

Since September 11th, the petroleum.

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Department of petroleum resources environmental guidelines and standards for the petroleum industry
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